Picturesque Villages in Wipptal

You shouldn’t end your holiday in the old Fugger town without having experienced the dichotomy between the Tyrolean town and the rural village. In town the bourgeois magnificent buildings of trade dynasties and administrative buildings symbolise the pride of the proprietor families over generations, in the villages it is the centuries-old farm houses. The village church with its interior ornaments and the bulky, historical village inn as centre of the rural life are at least as important as the pride of Sterzing’s townsmen, namely the St. Margarethen church or the old post station in the new town.

Experience the charm of the old peasant centres in the village Stilfes, few kilometres south of the town, visit the village church and the “Stilfer Wirt”, the old inn next to the church. You can receive similar impressions in Trens, one of the oldest Old-Tyrolean Marien-pilgrimages. The pilgrimage church and the new established pilgrim path are location and occasion of reflection, of deceleration of soul and wits. Further insider tips are the villages of the unspoilt valley of Pfitsch as Kematen or St. Jakob. Each of these villages preserves its own secret which it will reveal to the interested and open visitor.